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Meet Caroline Langston

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Caroline Is the Founder of the Science of Coaching and Successful Consultants Limited Hong Kong with her partner in New York Patrick Bennett.


Caroline has a love for behavioural science, psychology, and understanding neurobiology relating to coaching.


At University she studied the behaviour of equids before and after general anaesthetic and surgery for her BSc. She also assisted her tutor with her PhD on the social behaviour of groups of  barn kept foals.


After graduating Caroline worked for a veterinary pharmaceutical company selling a neurotransmitter inhibitor for canines treating separation anxiety. Alongside this, she gained understanding of how behaviour therapy can be used instead of neurotransmitter drugs. This became a fascination for her. Understanding how we can make neurobiological changes in our brains when we make behavioural and thought changes has become an important part of Caroline’s training.


After qualifying as an NLP Master Practitioner and Coach.  Caroline is also a qualified International Coaching Federation level Professional Coach & EMCC Team Coach. She is certified for micro expression detection by Dr Paul Ekman to expert level. Her passion lies in helping people truly understand the changes that occur physiologically within their brain when they make external behavioural and thought pattern changes. This enhances and reinforces how important coaching really is to make long term, permanent, positive change.


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