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Top 20 Coaching Questions Guaranteed To Help Your Team Perform Better

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

As a leader have you asked your team together any of these questions? If not, get them together and see what happens when you work with these team coaching questions. All of these questions can show critical strengths and areas for improvement.

  1. What is our team purpose? (Ask them to individually write down and you can read out anonymously)

  2. If there is one thing we could change about the team what would it be?

  3. What does this team need to perform at its best?

  4. What could the company do more off in order to support the team?

  5. What are the top three things stopping us from being at our best as a team?

  6. What does everyone in this room do for the team which is essential?

  7. What is the thing that nobody really talks about in this team that we should talk about?

  8. Which systems internal and external to this team are working well/ effectively at the moment?

  9. Which systems internal and external are not working well to help this team perform at the moment? What can we do about this?

  10. What are our three critical priorities? (The things you have to deliver?)

  11. How will we know if we have succeeded or failed?

  12. Do we communicate openly and effectively within the team?

  13. Do we communicate openly and effectively to people outside the team?

  14. Do we give each other enough honest feedback?

  15. Do we have any personal biases which are affecting our performance as a team?

  16. What can we do more of to support each other to reach our goals?

  17. How does our team learn?

  18. Do we have enough personal development opportunities?

  19. How do we review ourselves and our performance?

  20. How do we support each other? Can we do anything differently?

Caroline Langston is the Founder of Successful Consultants Ltd, an Executive, Personal and Career Development Coaching company in Hong Kong and New York. She is also the Founder of a nonprofit providing free information and coaching to people who are unemployed. Caroline is dedicated to coaching people for success and happiness in their careers and lives. She is degree qualified with a Certificate in Professional Coaching from the ICF, Certificate in Team Coaching from the EMCC. Also further certifications in Neuro Linguistic Programming at Master Practitioner and Coach level.


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